Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This is Dumb - Merkel is Not

MacLeans' brings us hot news that Angela Merkel has caught major attention.
Well, but not so obviously inside Germany.
At least, as the article linked to above reports.
So I can see it outside Germany. One of the reason I like visits to Germanic lands is that the women seem rather ready to advertise some assets, far more so than back here, though of course we get other displays.
But get a grip gang! Angela Merkel is one of the most serious leaders in the West. She led opposition in the old East Germany, is a trained scientist, did the united Germany the great service of finessing Gerhard Schroeder from office. She is no Johnny-come-lately like our Harper, the US's Obama (whichever sex you want to rave about), any Clinton, or Gordon Brown. I'd say to the Western press - get back to your own leaders.
She has to lead the most key economy in Europe; time will tell whether her somewhat different judgments about what needs to be done will be shown to be wrong.
But it won't be on the basis of her neckline or her sartorial flair. I'd say let her have her fun with that!
Hey by the way! What does her husband look like? Do you have ANY idea? I bet you don't unless you have been following blogs with an incredible attention to detail. Now that is what I call class in a politician. It's pretty much lacking in the rest of the peacock West.


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