Sunday, August 09, 2009

Unnecessarily tense

CBS assemble quite an entertaining crew of broadcasters for its golf coverage, and they are so lucky today, in that Tiger Woods and Padraig Harrington are engaged in a major duel; Harrington started the day three strokes up, was two down a while ago, and is one up on 16 but all hell is breaking loose, as Tiger has just made a truly amazing show (yawn? 182 yard 8-iron, no margin for error against water and within a few feet - and Tiger has made all but one putt within 10 feet this tournament) and Harrington screwed one up.
It is hard to find more fun than this!
UPDATE: Harrington goes into the water. This is over just as it really got engaging.
UPDATE: Did Faldo just say "One man flated and another man deflated"? This is why I love sports broadcasters!
In the end, though, as Harrington's miscues take command of the story, one should focus on the amazing 180-yard shot from Woods that made Harrington have to take some risks.
UPDATE: Tiger will win this and it will be 70 wins at the age of 33. I am so privileged to live in his time.
UPDATE: That approach on 18! Wow.


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