Monday, August 17, 2009

A very useful and interesting web site

I think Ontarians who think they want to think about energy should visit this site daily - I am not up at that frequency.
It does something REALLY simple - track the province's electricity consumption, its sources, and display them.
Today I got home just before 7 pm and put my air conditioning on immediately on arrival - and this is the first time for me in two years. Fortunately, not a lot of other people seem to have.
I get a lot out of the information on this page. The leading sources of electricity are NOT carbon spitters, and the real leader is nuclear. We are a bit like France. We are lucky to have a lot of hydro. We are crap on anything else that is non-renewable, and that is normal too.
Where do we go? I do not know.
I spend some time in Europe, where some countries try to pretend they are nuclear-pure (i.e. we do not depend on that awful stuff), and almost surely import energy from countries that do not engage in that silliness.
It is hard for me to believe that this can continue, unless their politicians can generate enough wind to make up the difference.


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