Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Belgium - Tennis Powerhouse!

Well, as those who read my blog might know, I am thrilled to see Kim Clijsters (more slim and svelte than you know, likely) make the US Open semifinals.
But Wow! Yanina Wickmayr is there too! And what a story she has.
Her father quit the construction business he worked for and the two made the trip into the Floridian unknown. But Wickmayer insists that they never knew she could have a future in tennis. This was not a case of a parent trying to breed a champion. This was a parent doing everything to help his daughter through the toughest moment of her young life.
“He didn’t leave everything because he expected me to be a champion,” she said. “Actually he just left everything to make me happy. I guess that’s a whole lot of difference.”

I love sports. One of the few places there is honest competition.


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