Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Steve Sailer Makes me Laugh Again

See previous post.
Let’s be insensitive for a moment. The basic social
problem that both Farrakhan and Obama want to alleviate is
that, on average, blacks have less money than whites.
Farrakhan‘s plan to create a separate black-only capitalist
economy in which blacks could not be cheated by whites out of
the hard-earned wealth they would create is doubtful on various
grounds. And even if it were plausible, it would require
generations of hard work in dreary fields such as toothpastemanufacturing.
In contrast, Obama’s plan to get more money for blacks
from whites by further enlarging the already enormous welfare /
social work / leftist charity / government / industrial complex is
both more feasible in the short run, and, personally, more fun
for someone of Obama’s tastes than making toothpaste.
Obama’s chosen path involves organizing rallies, holding
meetings, writing books, attending fundraising galas, giving
orations, and winning elections. In these endeavors, insulting
whites in the Black Muslim manner is counter-productive,
because whites will have to pay most of the bills.


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