Thursday, September 24, 2009

Is Bob Hepburn a complete Foghead?

Is he too young to do other than believe what other people at The Star tell him?
This is truly dense.
By imitating Trudeau, Ignatieff could recast himself as a leader with a bold vision for Canada

A bold vision we keep trying to roll back for its fatuity.
Love him or hate him – and millions hated him – Trudeau was respected as a leader.

When someone hates you I'd say any respect is likely based most on fear.
He was seen as genuine, a man not easily swayed by polls, a leader unafraid of tackling controversial issues, such as legalizing abortion.

Name ONE tough issue he held the line on that proved not to be disastrous.
He was internationally famous and he made Canadians believe we mattered on the world stage

Yes he was famous (see below) and looked a damned fool at the end of his career championing the Communists against Reagan.
And he had flair, dating a series of beautiful women and once performing a pirouette behind Queen Elizabeth's back.

A notorious womanizer, he became internationally famous for that. And wow he could pirouette!
You knew where Trudeau stood on issues.

That's right. I remember him winning an election campaigning against wage and price controls and then almost immediately imposing them as Prime Minister. Maybe we knew where he stood because we knew he was lying.
I wonder sometime what world Trudeau fans inhabit. Sure he was a cool dude in an age when we ached stupidly for cool dudes in politics. But his policy legacy is far from positive (some of it of course from common cause with the NDP during a minority government).
Ignatieff strikes me a a truly decent and thoughtful guy, with no embarrassing background in fascism (another feature of the beloved Trudeau) and a real commitment to civil rights and an awareness of the value of humanitarian intervention. The sad thing is that he seems to be leaving all that behind, which I suspect is the real Ignatieff, and turning into a statist, largely because he must do that to separate himself from Steven Harper. He is becoming too much like Trudeau. His most recent expostulations on his great campaign platform sound scarily reminiscent. I can see it now - more Foreign Investment Review, more National Energy Policy. Aaarrrggghhhhh!
One thing I do agree with Hepburn on:
He championed causes deemed by others too sensitive to touch, such as same-sex equal rights.

Of course this is exaggeration. Neither was this issue too hard to touch, with much of the public already moving on it, but nor was Trudeau especially forceful on this front. That he moved anything at all (and it was only a little) is, however, commendable.
It's easy to forget that Trudeau likely has NO major fan base in Canada now outside Toronto and maybe the Maritimes.


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