Monday, November 09, 2009

The Amazing Race Season 15

It is time to blog on it. In the initial weeks I just do not know what to make of the teams and so it is hardly worth commenting.
Now they are down to five and it is really entertaining.
I am SO pleased that last week's leg was not an elimination. The final task was SO arbitrary and random that it would have been brutally unfair to eliminate the midwestern farmers. Especially as they are my favorite team.
The funny thing this year is I actually like all the finally five teams.
There are the "token gay" brothers. They mix cynicism and a strange willingness to form alliances - I think I hated their giving a clue away to the poker-playing girls, and was satisfied that led nowhere.
I clearly like the Midwestern dad and son. Say no more - they are so mutually supportive and from a part of America that deserves approval. (Especially with the current witless president.)
Cheyne and Meaghan? They are both physically competent, but it is Meaghan who impresses me. She keeps finding herself in situations where she does not have control, and it drives her nuts, but she learns her way out, largely through physical skills. The silly golf thing a week ago was fascinating - when she started, she was hopeless, but within a few whacks at the balls, she was engaged and competent. For all the chipping that couple do at one another, I have some faith in them.
The Globetrotters. Hell, I just like them. They did such great dancing in Holland, and enjoyed it so much, and made the side cast so happy! They are clearly very competent physically, but they have a great sense of humor. They got stuck on the briefcase combinations, so have a major vulnerability, but they are engaging.
Brian and Ericka! They are just so much fun to watch as Ericka constantly criticizes Brian. But I must give her credit, even as she fucks up, she does not give up, and they seem mutually devoted. In the last show it was interesting to hear her say, am I right?, that her mother felt she was screwed up by an interracial marriage? Not a great start, despite how great they at times seem tomgether. (And interestingly, if this is the case, she is like Obama, a child of a black-white marriage, who has decided to project as black.)
I will be tuned in Friday!


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