Monday, November 23, 2009

The Amazing Race

They hit Prague this week, a city I had managed to parlay into a business trip to Dresden a couple of years ago. And their visit featured the wonderful Old Town Square, the Estates General Theatre, where I attended a recital, and Prague Castle as the pitstop.
It was right that this was not an elimination leg, as the search for miniature mandolins was almost as ridiculously random as the haystack escapade.
But it was an entertaining leg, as it allowed for more tensions to grow between teams; this year has been astonishing in terms of teams helping one another, but with only four remaining, it seems a concern for individual survival is taking over.
I think I rather like all the remaining teams.
I am certainly a fan of Meghan, who is very competent physically (as was needed this week), and has proven great at solving problems. She does tend to chirp at Cheyne, as the Globetrotters say, but she is nothing in terms of complaining next to Ericka (though I can guess at why Brian stays with her). And both the gay brothers are great at bitchy whining.
So the next small number of weeks should be major fun.
In the show Prague looked great, and the Estates General Theatre was as magnificent as it is. Oddly they did not enter Wenceslas Square. Very oddly, to my mind.


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