Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This is truly terrible. But it causes me possibly stupidly optimistic reflections.
Of the sort - would a single polar bear give a crap about polar bears in Haiti? Would a baby seal?
And yet the world is jumping all over itself trying to get help to Haiti - the human world, that is.
Damn we are really great!
And BTW it sure helps to be rich - your buildings are better etc etc. Haiti got its big one - we wonder still when Vancouver will get its but I bet the relative wealth will mean the damage is much smaller.
Haiti is horridly poor and the costs are currently magnified. Thank heaven there are rich places that are struggling to help!
Hmmm - is anyone rich because Haiti is poor? Try to give me the smallest hint why this might be true? Haiti has done little to enrich Canada, I think, other than supplying us our GG.


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