Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Having now posted on Kate McGarrigle once, I have to report on my drive back from the dentist. Q had avery nice recollection of Kate McGarrigle (UPDATE: right link now up) and I get reminded of it listening to Matapedia. The discussion there was to a degree about Kate's forthrightness and bloody-mindedness.
And in a way that is what song is all about - young, bloody-minded love. "I was not afraid".
It opens with such beautifully sexual images, the seventeen-year old daughter bending down, and misidentified as her mother ("Oh my God it's Kate") by what sounds an old lover. "No I'm the duaghter of Kate - my name is Martha - who are you - Ma never told me, never told me about you". "He looked her in the eyes, just like a boy of nineteen would do."
And it all draws Kate back to some crazy trip through Quebec, clearly love-soaked, and "I was not afraid ... I could not slow down".
Whenever I hear it I am so moved at the mother seeing her own life in her daughter's.


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