Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Haiti had an Earthquake, Mexico Storms

Missing in most of the news I have been watching has been the disastrous weather in Mexico; I know about it only because I belong to a Monarch Butterfly discussion group and their wintering regions were especially badly hit.
In fact many of the people I was reading reports from were those who go down to Mexico to see the wintering in the mountain forests, and they were terribly worried about those who have regularly hosted them over many years.
Seems many have suffered terrible damages - that is the humans. Nobody seems sure how bad the butterfly scene is. We will know soon.
I suspect the naturalist in me was born 50 years ago watching Monarch butterflies and the similarly colored Baltimore Orioles. Where I live now I will only in the most unlikely of circumstances see an Oriole, but I count every year on seeing the butterflies.
Last year was not great for the butterflies. I worry now about this year.


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