Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Amazing Race - and Detecting

I was devastated by the latest episode, where the detectives finished last by far, and only recovered when Rondi pointed out to me something I knew intellectually but not emotionally, that it was a non-elimination round, so they survive to next week, albit with an additional task next week.
I like all the teams left, and this is unique in my experience with The Amazing Race. So each remaining elimination week is going to hurt.
By far I most like the cowboys, who are so casual and so effective. These guys are not drama queens, say like Dan and Jordan, whose silliness I have come to accept. But the cowboys are just such fun - the analogy of rope work to the work required to prepare Shanghai noodles was lovely.
As for the detectives, I simply do not understand the strategy for the jigsaw puzzle, nor the doggedness when it clearly was not working; is this what a stakeout is like? Just stick to your guns because you know someday things will work out?
What is nice to see is that every other team just flat out likes the detectives and has found very affectionate ways to work with and against them and describe them.
The next few weeks should be a lot of fun, and a lot of sadness.
Great moments this week: The utter delight everyone had in the dismissal of the lesbians, though Dan and Jordan are right about the tactics being at best imperfect.
And PingPing - sad to think he has died. He performed brilliantly for the show. This new open China is a wonder, and a delight.
And one other point - the quality of your cab driver has been showing up all this season. Take care!
Question: Has there been a season where all the final four teams have such mutual respect? This really makes the show attractive to me.
One last thought - the Chinese models in the fashion segment were just brilliantly stoic.


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