Monday, April 12, 2010

The Amazing Race - Caite's Revenge

What a mischievous collection of tasks - learning a drumming routine, selling ice cream sandwiches, and counting to 521 in an environment full of distractions! I was surprised that everyone did the counting successfully, as a counting exercise last season proved to be brutal.
There was something delicious in seeing Carol and Brandy eliminated by Caite's applying a U-turn to them; they continued ranting, failing to recognize Caite's obvious motivation; they were just plain mean to her, from the initial tiara comment onwards. A comeuppance indeed. They seemed to believe that because they were not very competent they should not have been eliminated!
I've come to like all the remaining teams, with Dan and Jordan finally winning me over with that horrific fast forward task. The rest of the season will be fun.


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