Monday, April 05, 2010

Tiger's Press Conference Today

Wow! That was not the same deer in the headlights as in the idiotically scripted 'apology' he delivered a while ago.
This utterly vindicates Donald Trump's suggestion that he should have got right back into golf, as expressed wonderfully candidly on a Larry King show a while ago. Of course Trump was also, I thought, recommending not bothering with all his therapy and more honestly putting his family second. I still suspect Trump is right but we will see.
He could have done this press conference a long time ago?! Maybe not - he says he is not feeling nervous right now in this fairly open press conference, but he sure was in his scripted nonsense. I wish he had. There has been a long waste of time, except perhaps for his kids, and if that is what has driven him, then more power to him!
On drugs: Apparently dead candid and, to me, believable.
On character: He looks to me a lot better person, after his claimed rehab, and he seems very cool. I like this Tiger more than I have liked any other Tiger.
What a great answer!! A reporter throws a total softball - might you have played better had you been less of a rake? (not in those words). He answers brilliantly - "I would like to think that." (In short form - no.)
Great question - during your stupid statement in February did you plan to play soon? Answer. Rambling, but roughly No - now is right, and family supports it.
Wow!! He makes a point of missing his son's first birthday and it sounds right.
Question: Is Elin coming. No
Question: "Did you want to get caught?" I think it is a good question. His answer - "I don't know". That is right.
Question: "How did you fool so many people?" "I don't know - I fooled myself too."
This was quite believable.
No more details; all I can say is that this guy is articulate in so many ways. Why did he or his handlers play this stupid game for so long? I grant you billions were at stake but still.
In the end, there lurks in me the idea that Donald Trump knows better.


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