Monday, April 05, 2010

The Amazing Race Week 8

First, the outcome; Steve and Allie are gone, and, from their behavior in this leg, rightly. They paniocked a coule of times, losing a lot of time by leaving their taxi, ands Allie melted down on the first roadblock when they finally got to it after the panic. Given that they had left their backpacks behind last week, and despite the fact that other teams offered them compensatory help (most of the teams are showing a great deal of mutual respect and support), I figured this doomed them, so in a way it is good to be rid of this effectively lame duck team.
The theme of the episode - be careful when taxing taxis in Malaysia. The drivers showed themselves to be all too willing to race one another, and were somewhat whimsically unpredictable in their waiting behavior; one simply drove off, and one other showed himself quite loyal awaiting his team.
The first roadblock presented a stark and interesting choice; brute force and endurance, lugging heavy objects up steep stairs in hot weather, versus physical skill, balancing a flag on top of the head and advancing a fixed distance without dropping it. Only the cowboys and Steve and Allie decided for the balance exercise, but Steve and Allie changed their minds when they saw the detectives go for endurance. BAD CALL! Well, actually, maybe not, as they tried the other and failed totally.
The cowboys gambled for some reason on balancing - well - my guess is they deal with physical balance often on the back of bulls. They both were naturals handling a problem I would have found hopeless. And it bought them so much time they could even handle their detour.
Meanwhile the detectives chose the endurance activity and paid for it, but remained really nice through it all.
The models were not bitching at one another through this episode and did pretty well, avoiding major mistakes.
As for the nasty lesbians, well they had no need to be nasty, and did a pretty steady job. I so much look forward to next week.


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