Thursday, April 22, 2010

Irshad Manji almost 20 Years On

I could not stand her when she first appeared on Toronto television; seems from Steve Paikin's show it was 17 years ago (though it seems longer).
But Holy Cow - on this long tedious and depressing discussion on 'racism' and 'racializing', she is far and away one of the most useful participants. Steve had to include the grievance-mongers, and I suppose this show exposed them as such so nicely in the course of the show.
Jonathan Kay makes some good points but calling Tiger Woods black! He is Thai. And calling Obama black? Sure the little twit self-identifies with his useless father, but he is President only because he was raised by his white family. Had he depended on the Kenyans, heaven knows where he would be. Ridiculous.


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