Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Coincidence often creates a sense that something was meant by an actor that does not act.
And I have been through a good run of that today!
My last post showed I had discovered Katie Melua and was about to start my research on her, which has been delightful! As the heroes of my generation die off it is SO great to have these younger ones coming up.
In reading the Wikipedia entry, I learn it is a song about Eva Cassidy that caused Mike Batt to pay attention to her and basically get her career started.
So last winter one of my Australian nieces visited and we had a great party, and on top of it, her father (one of my brothers) had brilliantly sent gifts to his siblings, in the form of CDs I assume meant something to him. I got first dibs, and grabbed the Eva Cassidy CD. Of course I have not opened it; I cannot recall the last time I played a CD. I shall try to fall asleep to it tonight.
Then from another front came yet another sign! One of my daily blog reads is the Minnesota group blog PowerLine and what happens but we get a post by Scott Johnson on Irving Berlin, certainly the greatest American songwriter, featuring Eva Cassidy yet again! In this rendition of Berlin's great 'Cheek to Cheek', a rendition I don't much like, but I feel the God that does not exist is manipulating me.

So there are hours ahead of me on YouTube!


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