Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Perfect Doesn't Exist - DWTS

Subject line comes from the intro to DWTS last night.
I called it last week and I suspect Chad goes tonight, which I will regret, as it means the very complicated Cheryl Burke also goes! I think if I were to be chosen as a celebrity dancer, I would want Cheryl as my coach. Niecy is the least interesting of the remaining dancers but Louis is very good and may keep her alive.
But dear God 7s across the board for Chad - this was a bad start! 7 is the clear compromise OK vote. Niecy gets a couple of 8s.
Erin is a curious case - last week in the bottom two after getting great scores. Is it that sports fans do not vote but their wives do and do not like her? Twenty years ago you oculd know your husband watching sports shows was not enjoying the sight of an Erin Andrews. The world is different. And her tango was magnificent! So sweet how Buzz Aldrin cheered her.
Of course Evan Lysacek and Nicole Scherzinger, as the professional performers, have an enormous advantage. Lysacek - solid 9s. Scherzinger - aces her first dance - 10's and a 9. The game is on!
Second round. Not a lot of change. Let's toss Niecy or Chad.
Well, OK I like Erin but Nocole Scherzinger is shocking how good she is. I loved Carrie Ann's helpless giggling.
Any other outcome would be silly but how do they create drama?


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