Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cordoba House

This really does appall me.
It reminds me of a note from a former correspondent who asserted with certainty that all this suicide bombing and Islamist murder was the result of 'occupation'; I recall agreeing as long as he recognized that the fact that Spaniards live in Spain was part of this 'occupation' - after all, bin Laden's first triumphalist tape railed against the 'tragedy of al Andalus'.
So now the mischief makers will be calling their new triumphalist exercise 'Cordoba', reminding dar al Islam of al Andalus, while we dumbies miss the point.
My guess it would be much better to resist this crap now; what will happen instead is that this will keep creeping forward until it becomes utterly obvious that it is not tenable, and then it will be very ugly to sort out.
We'll see.
I hope the creeping goes on long enough that I get to miss the resolution.


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