Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Unintended Consequences

In a form I had not considered, but, as ever, the bane of public policy:
A husband has vowed to keep his wife indoors after she became the first woman in Italy to be fined for wearing a burka in public.
Amel Marmouri, 26, was handed the 500 euro (£430) penalty after she was spotted queuing inside a post office by police with her body and face fully covered by the garment.
She was warned she would receive another fine if she were spotted again in her burka.
Yesterday her husband said as a result he had no option but to stop her from going out.
I hate to admit it - this is funny. Of course not for the wife, but for the clowns who decided on regulations that were responded to in this way.
The regulations or laws might get more fundamental, but even then I am not sure it would help when such and alien way of thinking is in our midst.
Afterthought #1 : This is not true. Seems likely to me.
Afterthought #2 : Would it make sense to ban any face covering, including, say, hoodies? I think I find that a bit much but I can see the point, and to be honest, am happy to be exposed as I wander about in public.
UPDATE: Seems the actual laws in question in Italy were exactly what I think makes sense. So I take back any suggestion that the laws are inappropriate.


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