Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Some of the Protestors are Very Brave

And can withstand the power of an earthquake.
Protesters covered in fake blood and oil “walked right through the earthquake” that hit downtown Toronto on Wednesday afternoon, carrying on with their march against global mining, said Sgt. Tim Burrows.
I do wonder how far the Sergeant's tongue is stuck into his cheek. The earthquake shook me, on my couch, very mildly in the course of maybe 5 seconds. I imagine people walking on the street could fail to notice it at all. We are 300 kilometres away from the epicenter of a mere 5.0 quake.
I am impressed by the creativity of the protestors:
The Toronto Community Mobilization Network Facebook page also provided ideas for protest costumes, which included “executives with blood on their hands, corporate zombies, and people covered in Tar Sands bitumen.”
Man are those original ideas! Why not Mao with blood on his hands? - he actually had a pile. Or a float with Che personally executing children?
And how do you identify 'executives' and 'corporate people'?
It reminds of a great line from I think Monday's Metro Morning as Matt Galloway was discussing the suggestion that people in suits avoid the security areas - "Don't want to look like the Man!"
It caught the mentality (if there a brain involved) of this crew. Though I suspect these were mostly pretty sweet people. Not enough media here yet to bring out the creeps.


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