Wednesday, June 23, 2010

OK To Destroy Buildings, Cars, ...

... say the protest leaders at the G8/G20!
And these are the useful idiots put at the head of the organization, not the perverts who glom onto them.
In a moment of startling candour yesterday, organizers of this week’s G8 and G20 protests refused to condemn the use of violence during demonstrations, saying participants will “resist in ways that make sense for them.”
Syed Hussan, a spokesman for the Toronto Community Mobilization Network, told reporters gathered at the group’s Queen Street West headquarters that summit security personnel can expect “different people taking different actions in the ways that they see fit.”
When asked if the group, a collection of grassroots organizations and activists, condemns violent protest at the two summits, Mr. Hussan replied: “No.”
Meanwhile the chimps on the rage are getting ready, it seems:
The refusal to discourage extreme tactics — which security experts fear could include the torching of banks and vehicles in the downtown core — comes a day after Toronto police discovered a cache of “homemade weapons” hidden in some bushes near Allan Gardens, the picturesque park near Yonge and College Streets where protesters are expected to hunker down and establish a tent city.
Sergeant Tim Burrows would not describe the exact nature of the devices discovered by police, but said they could be wielded or thrown “in an offensive manner.” He added that officers on general patrol in an undisclosed area also discovered broken concrete and bricks that could be used as projectiles. They were found in a back alley where there was no evidence of construction, he said.
The main threat is of course to small businessmen, who cannot move their buildings into a safe zone, nor can they hire expensive security forces the way the owners of more expensive businesses can.
“If the protesters are looking to drive home a message, we certainly hope it’s not going to be on the backs of small businesses,” said Mr. Kiru, noting that he believes if protesters were promising peaceful demonstrations, there wouldn’t be a need for the massive security measures we’ve seen to date.
“Quite frankly, don’t blame the government. It is the protesters who are causing this with their approach. Their intent is to get as much publicity and attention as possible.”
Look it is not about messages. It is more primal - it is the ache to feel like a big shot. And these people are so morally puny they think this is the way to do it.
I must say I'd rather spend time near the security zone than that planned tent city, which should be a cesspool by Sunday.
BTW - security measures have finally touched life slightly in my part of Toronto! I twice heard helicopters flying overhead, something I never hear normally.


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