Tuesday, June 01, 2010


I love to read detective novels, often calling some of them flippantly 'trash', though in the case of many authors this flippancy is utterly unfair.
Now I NEVER refer to a Scott Turow novel as such.
I fell in love with Turow as a novelist with 'Presumed Innocent', which became not a bad movie, though making his novels into movies is difficult as so much goes on. 'Innocent' is a solid sequel set roughly 20 years later. The accused in the first novel, Rusty Sabich, is the accused again, though now he is head of an appeals court and running for the State Supreme Court. He gets into trouble much in the same way as in the previous novel (the use of Greta Scacchi in the movie made this easy to understand! - wonder who they will cast as Anna). Impressively, the outcome is not so crazily different from the first novel, albeit somewhat transformed.
But what I really recommend - Turow's every sentence is worth reading. I skim in a lot of my 'trash'; I do not even want to skim his work.
Get it; read it. And if you have not read 'Presumed Innocent' I suggest reading it or watching the movie first. It is a key piece of context in the sequel.


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