Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Prescience Regarding NATO Leaders

For some time Michael Yon has been calling for the dismissals of Canada's head of Afghan forces, Daniel Menard, and the US counterpart Stanley McChrystal.
He got his wish a while ago with respect to Menard, who simply violated some rules of engagement (internally to the forces) and was removed.
Now he has his wish with regard to McChrstal.
Seems to me either McChrystal was a damned fool to let a reporter from Rolling Stone, of all outfits, get close contact to him, his aides, and their internal workings, or that McChrystal contrived this so as to be fired. In either case he should have been fired.
So Yon's wishes come true, though maybe for reasons not directly connected to his call from arms (though bad judgment is at the core of all of it).


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