Monday, June 21, 2010

Good News About the Ashbridge's Bay Swans

The little devils decided to nest much farther from the normal view of us morning joggers, walkers, and dog-walkers, and it has been much harder to know what the state of this year's reproduction has been.
This I know from pictures not worth putting up that I took on Sunday morning - there are at least two cygnets, fairly sizeable, so this is not far off the three they have brought to survival in the last couple of years. I see no evidence in the fuzzy pictures that there are three so I hope that next year they reconsider and go back to nesting to where they used to!
Meanwhile I confirmed we still have a beaver in the Ashbridge's Bay beaver lodge as well. This was easier to confirm - when you are on the right part of my walking path you are likely at most 10 feet from a beaver paddling near the lodge, and the beaver seems perfectly happy to stare you down! Whether there are kits (beaverlets) this year I do not know - there were at least two last year, as I learned from the morning walking community (and their dogs), but the male of the couple was also killed last summer, so I may have been having a staring contest with a spinster beaver.
I plan to continue more studious research on both these fronts this year.


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