Monday, June 21, 2010

Amanda Bynes Retires

Really? At 24?
I am retired and I am not sure that is quite true. In fact some recent behavior bespeaks the opposite!
And I loved her in "She's the Man", one of the great re-dos of Twelfth Night (thanks SCHS, and I am delighted to see you have a Wikipedia entry!).
So Amanda please re-think. But if you really do not like the job, don't stick in it for me. I know I felt the need to change careers. I am sure you will pick something else good. Your IMDB entry suggests to me you have some options, and that your mother lives in Toronto, like me!
Her mother's family lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
And if you visit your Mom, I'd be happy to meet at a Tim Horton's and talk about changing careers. :-)


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