Friday, June 18, 2010

The Society and Its Elected Leaders

SillyWife rightly poked me in the ribs a bit about my negativity about the current US President and the documented fact that I teared up over his election.
Yes I did. His election was a great credit to the country he now leads, however uselessly.
It proved that a ton of the most stupid criticisms of that society were utterly false.
OTOH it does not mean he is a good leader.
And they have elected some really bad ones in the past.
In fact Obama is in a close race with Jimmy Carter, who allowed the incredibly awful and costly change in Iran to occur, presided over some of the stupidest economic policies ever, and fumbled it totally, and continues to infect discussions of the Middle East with his stupidity. God forbid we have Obama engaged in similar crap in forty years.
I am as yet unsure who of the two was the worst President of my lifetime - but these two are way ahead of the competition.
Many of my generation would insist I should pick Richard Nixon - nope! The trip to China was redeeming and we and China are still benefiting from it. The guy was a visionary, and my hatred of him got stuff wrong back then.
Now sure, could be that Obama's bowing and scraping to totalitarians will mean that in 30 years the Muslim world will be modernized, productive, and at peace with Obama's new West. As will North Korea.
Well, I see little signs of any progress in that direction (and would say Nixon's reaching out started to have effect very fast). If anything I would say that the Turkish involvement in the fauxtilla charade shows that Obama is losing anything we in the West could call allies (Obama might still think them so).
I may not live to see how this comes out but this joke of a leader gives me no solace.


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