Friday, June 18, 2010

Sometimes the Small Things are Just Great

Nice post from Mike Munger, which I will quote almost all of!
Oh what the heck, all of it!
From the LMM:
So much less humidity. Sunny, slight cool breeze. Sitting on the porch drinking tea, listening to birds, watching hummingbird.
Last night a firetruck stopped by to drop something of to the subdivision president. Little boy (5) next to our house runs out yelling, fire truck, fire truck! The young volunteer firemen see this, pull down the street with the sirens on, lights flashing, stop in front of the little boys house, one gets out and hands the kid a (plastic) fireman's hat. SOOO cute.

Think sweet thoughts today. You'll feel better.
Reminds me of the opening of Blue Velvet a bit, though that is perhaps a perverse association to make, given the intended message, which I heartily endorse.


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