Friday, June 18, 2010

Faster Please

After 'Heh', the standard phrase from Instapundit, who enthusiastically welcomes medical innovation and discovery (having a beloved wife who has so benefited from it).
But what I am on about is this - the idea that maybe people are noticing the cancer in the left. THe more people, especially with good left-wing instincts, who figure this out, the sooner we can not have to deal with people like Libby Davies as party deputy leaders.
It can hardly hurt to cite how Terry Glavin describes the evil:
Whatever name you want to give the thing, its noticeable features include a betrayal of progressive internationalism, a pathetic weakness for conspiracy theories, and a routine apologetics for antisemitism and terror. Its outlook is generally parochial, but its global engagements tend to align with fascism’s contemporary Islamist variants, even to the point of objective support for the Taliban.
It's an evil that has to my astonishment infected my family, and even some very few people who once were friends (I get to pick the latter, not the former, so the quality can be higher).
My heart sinks contemplating what a sewer my home city is likely to become during the G20 starting next week, an open invitation for these perfectly awful sad people to come and try to destroy civil life as part of their partying. Maybe if we are lucky some more MSM folk will notice how charming these morally ugly people are.


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