Thursday, June 17, 2010

How to Watch the Bachelorette

Two steps:
1) Watch the show.
2) Watch RealitySteve's synopsis.
There is little question which is more fun.
One great thing he does is explain the feeling I get several times per show, roughly "Who would really do that?". The answer - roughly, someone helped by the ABC producers.
Just last week I recently spoke to a former female contestant on the show. Not going to mention who it is or what season. Not important. However, my main question to her was kinda talking about how did they get them to do stuff that normal people wouldn’t necessarily do on a first/second date. Why do so many people do/say stupid things on this show? Why don’t you just tell these producers, “No, I’m not doing/saying that” when they poke and prod you to say stuff you normally wouldn’t say. Like Shooter telling that story the first night. C’mon, like any guy would ever admit that to a woman the first time he gets alone with her. So what power do these producers yield? I thought she gave a really good, detailed answer. Here’s what she said about her experience:
“”They manipulated the crap out of me. I like to follow rules, so I did everything they told me to. That was a big mistake. When you are in the moment, however, you don’t stop and think, “hmmm…how will this look on tv? How will they edit this?” So later, when it aired, I had plenty of “oh crap” moments!
For example, on one of my group dates, I said something I would NEVER say in real life. However, beforehand, a producer pulled me aside and asked if I would say it. When I refused, their response was, “well, if you don’t do it, then I will no longer give you one-on-one time with him, so he’ll probably end up sending you home since he won’t know you”. So…I did it.
They are VERY good at finding ways to get people to do things. Are you absolutely forced to do anything? No, but they have all of the power to harm you because of that (i.e. Not giving you one-on-one time, editing something to look a different way, etc).
There is NO handbook or “what to expect” class before going on this show. I had NO idea what I was walking in to. I just thought I was going on a tv show for the fun of it. In the moment, your mindset is very warped. You are living in a bubble, so it’s easy to get wrapped up in things.”
I think that’s pretty self explanatory and gave great insight. I guess it’s easy for us as viewers to sit back and say, “I’d never say something like that to someone”, or “My God, I’d never bust out and sing some crappy song like that”, but, at least you see now there’s a reason why this stuff happens. Promised roses, or that you’ll be in good standing, or if you choose not to, the threat of “Hey, well if you don’t do it, you might be going home.” This is just one former contestants example. And no, it’s not Rozlyn. I’ve heard stuff like this all the time for the last three years from contestants. The producers are very good at what they do, and it’s why there’s drama every season – they have a way of creating it. So yeah, Kasey embarrassed himself last night, but I guarantee they were putting stuff in his head making him think he almost HAD to do that to save himself. His fault for falling for it, he comes off as a complete weirdo, but I gotta think there was pressure on him to do that. Because lets face it, no one does what he did last night thinking, “Yeah, this is gonna make me look real good.” It’s a TV show people. Lets remember that.


At 11:48 AM, Blogger rondi adamson said...

What I find interesting is that in this Bachelorette, Ali is being portrayed as a sweet woman. During her time on Jake's Bachelor, she was a total "mean girl." They had to change her image for this, I guess, and get her to change her behaviour.

At 5:33 PM, Blogger Alan Adamson said...

I wondered about that. I have not really watched these shows but ABC has drawn me in now. She does still seem rather sweet to me, if a bit of a floozie by my standards.


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