Saturday, July 31, 2010

Christie Blatchford Loses It - Rightly

The state of our discourse is appalling and she captures a ton of it.
Aaaah but you see, and the inference was there to smell, these were merely soldier witnesses (simple fellows after all, who might be lying or have been lied to, not like those smart reporters in the nation’s capital) and the poor parents of the dead (who as the parents of such simple fellows could be so easily tricked or misled). Plus, their versions of events lined up with how the Canadian Forces and the evil Stephen Harper government had described the four deaths at the time: The cover-up (CTV actually suggested there was a cover-up in its first, newscast-leading report) was still a possibility.
Thus, the Tuesday evening edition of CBC’s As It Happens. The hosts dutifully gave the disclaimer (yes, witnesses had come forward disputing the document on WikiLeaks; parents had spoken up; the government still insisted there had been no friendly fire), then smarmed, “However, the fact the document even exists raises questions.”
The fact that a document exists raises questions? Good God! No wonder journalism is such a buffoonish profession now.
I think I will go off and create some documents. That can keep our Canadian media busy for a long time.
Thanks, Christie, for staying around and trying to do it properly.
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