Thursday, July 08, 2010

Good News is they are Still Really Stupid

I am impressed at The Star's being behind this fairly deep summary.
It is well worth listening to Tom Quiggin's short video near the end. It is excellent.
When the Toronto 18 were initially arrested there was much from the usual suspects asserting that these lads were, well, just lads, and not really bad people, just victims of Islamophobia. Well THEIR Islam is very clearly worthy of a phobia to the point of applying as much legal enforcement as we can to supporessing the little toads.
The good news is that Islamists remain overall fairly stupid, and this fits with a number of things about their ideology.
First thing is that worldwide Islamist activists kill way more Muslims than Westerners do; how does an Islamist justify Taliban assaults on girls going to school in Afghanistan, as a simple example, but hardly the only one of Islamic assaults on other Muslims.
But my favorite is the selection process for the dimwitted little leaders;
Still, Ahmad remained close to the “brothers,” riding the bus to Mississauga to see them. He could usually find them at the Ar-Rahman Islamic Learning Centre - a storefront prayer room in a Meadowvale strip mall, nestled between bungalows with manicured lawns and pockets of row houses.
Ahmad was fortunately the leader of this project; his IQ is already clear in that he attaches himself to something called an Islamic Learning Centre, a contradiction in terms if ever there was one. (Like the Islamic University of So-and-So.)
And the leader's buddy was a similar loser:
At the same time, Ahmad’s old high school buddy from Meadowvale, Amara, had dropped out of Ryerson University, after a semester of studying engineering, and was working at a gas bar. Amara had mapped out a different life for himself. He had dreamed of going to the Islamic University of Madinah in Saudi Arabia and traveled there for an interview, but was not accepted.
Wow - cannot even get into an Islamic University of Somewhere! That is humiliating - seems appropriate to blow up a bunch of Canadians to fix that.
OK they are easy to mock; stupid indeed, but maybe there are smarter ones. Again I suggest reading through this hairy tale and listening to Tom Quiggin.
People like this are simply evil and need to be stopped before they execute their intentions.
I doubt we have seen the last of them.
We should be taking very aggressive measures to shut them down. This is a lesson we should have learned from the nutty Sikhs and still seem to have barely learned. Now we have a lot more nuts on our soil. I wish us luck.
And I thank the Star for that detailed article.
h/t Bruce Schneier


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