Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Nuns of St-Jean-de-Meurienne

Are there new dress standards for the girls who present the award to the Tour de France stage winners? Those pants suits are not a good feature. Also interesting to watch the new Maillot Jaune owner, Andy Schleck, try to navigate the protocol of kissing the girls; seems the right answer for the first girl was what he chose, air kisses left, right, and left, in that order; on the other hand the second presenter seemed not expect air kiss #3. I have always found this problem a terrifying one. Are there general rules? Is it like dancing, where the man purportedly takes the lead, and the female follows that lead. But then about Russia where it is likely to be two men (ew).
What a great stage; the day of rest from sport made it a very enjoyable experience, and it was stunning watching Schleck try to drop Contador, and then work with him to close the gap on the lead pack.
These guys utterly amaze me. Almost two weeks' more of this to go!


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