Monday, July 12, 2010

A Great Harper Lee Story

A great Harper Lee story. Sometimes the people you expect to be really great are really great. h/t Instapundit.
I especially liked:
Back in the late nineties, I suggested Mockingbird for a mother-daughter book group that my daughter and I helped found. Together an integrated group of five mothers and five daughters discovered and rediscovered the truths of Lee’s pages: that Lee realized that black men could be desirable, that white women could be liars, and that girls were bold and curious. We noted how much more intelligent the domestic servant in Mockingbird was than Mammy in Gone with the Wind. We noted that the town drunk only pretended to be drunk so he could get away with loving a black woman. We learned that having a daddy who practices civil rights law can be terrifying.
It is frightening how easy it might be to forget the importance of past acts of courage and intelligence. Thanks to Alice Randall for helping us not do so!


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