Sunday, July 18, 2010

Officer Bubbles

There is much in the blogosphere, and especially in many of the blogs I like to track, about the apparently outrageous behaviour of 'Office Bubbles' in the video below.

Is he a madman? I don't think so.
I do not know the exact context of this video, clearly staged by miss bubble-blower and her buddies, but I have asked myself a bunch of questions.
My questions are partly informed by having lived in Berkeley, California in the 1970s and knowing full well how disingenous 'peace' behavior is.
So suppose she was planning to punch him in the face? Would her punch be assault? Yup, I suspect so.
Spit in his face? Yup, I suspect.
Blow a bubble in his face? Well, it is meant clearly as a proxy for the other engagements.
And she is clearly up on the front line as a proxy for her nastier and vastly more cowardly little counterparts behind the scene. I do not know if she is a dim-witted useful idiot or a conscious provocateur who knows full well how cute she is and how she can affect the public view.
The courts can decide whether she is worthy of any grief, but it is perfectly obvious from the presence of cameras recording this and her buddies around her that it is NOT the police who staged this.
Sorry, some of my favorite 'conservative' blogs. I cannot sign up for any sympathy with 'bubble girl'. And I do not think 'Officer bubbles', as you so casually choose to stigmatize him, is so off the mark.
OTOH his partner is clearly uncomfortable. I recognize that but just disagree.


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