Saturday, August 07, 2010

David Akin Watches 'Homegrown'

And the result make Catherine Frid look even stupider.
I did wonder what got her going:
Why pick Shareef? Cate’s ex-husband was Shareef's favourite high school teacher.
Now that is pretty funny.
As for the little bastard trying to cut down on shrapnel, Akin knows the case better than I:
The play also has no reference to one of the most damning indictments of the motives of the real Abdulhaleem: He suggested to his co-conspirators that not only could they spread terror by blowing up the Toronto Stock Exchange but that they could make a lot of money doing it by shorting the stock market. Morever, he suggested to his co-conspirators that they could be more terrorful, if you will, if they blew up something like the Square One shopping mall in Mississauga, Ont.
And he summarizes the end:
The play closes with Shareef and Cate ‘embracing’ by placing both their hands together on each side of the plexiglass window that separates them. Cate leaves. A single spotlight leaves Shareef frozen and wondering if his cats will be ok.
Let me find a vomit bowl.

Now, Akin has a couple of nice things to say about the playwright, but you have to go find those; I feel no need to share them.

There is such a rich history of lefties justifying murder and totalitarianism from the last century - do they have to sign up with jihadists in this one just to keep their fatuous tradition in place?


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