Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I Really DID Try to Keep a Straight Face ..

... as the CBC repeatedly reported an attack on Kanadahar Airfield as if it were a serious event (from what I gather, they are happening all the time); as the CBC went into the details of the suicide bombers mostly blowing themselves up prematurely, I tried to stifle a laugh, as the reporter had not beoken out into laughter, I guess for fear of violating some CBC rule that we must take these Taliban jerks/clowns/thugs seriously.
Fortunately, I can now outsource what I was thinking to Kaffir Kanuck, who is at KAF:
And speaking of retards, that can only explain the recent attack on KAF. Usually, I wouldn’t write about any attack on KAF, but as the MSMs have already picked it up, I won’t be divulging anything new that would affect COMSEC.
I can tell you I slept through the entire attack. Currently working the night shift, I was sound asleep when the daylight attack occurred. And that’s just it, it was a “daylight” attack by a group smaller than a platoon on a base manned by thousands of well trained and disciplined people, each of them carrying pistols and rifles, some driving around vehicles with crew weapons, with fleets of aircraft with guns, missiles and bombs parked nearby, all at beck-and-call, which usually have to go searching for the bad guys. Instead, they offered themselves up like sacrificial lambs, gladly spreading the red mist of their blood to attain paradise.
If this is the best the Taliban have to offer, then it begs to question why the President of Pakistan is prattling his own taqiyya propaganda about NATO’s efforts in Afghanistan. I have no doubt the Taliban can be defeated, but as I’ve often written before, it ain’t the Talibs we’re really at war with, but the cult which has spawned them and their like-minded brethren in all terrorist and political forms, both foreign and dawah domestic. Until the leaders of the western nations acknowledge that reality, we’ll keep fighting on the enemy’s terms.
But when the enemy brings the fight to you wearing a suicide vest to face off with an Apache helicopter, you can’t disagree when Geert Wilders says Islam is a retarded ideology. At the very least, the recent attack on KAF was retarded, if not executed and planned by retards.
P.S. I’m amazed the media hasn’t picked up on the obvious brainwashing going on in Islam. I suggest a new denial method easily allowing all who sin to invoke victim status, “Allah made me do it!”
Retards indeed, prisoners of (I was going to say adheernts of, but since they cannot leave the religion, prisoners is clearer) what is surely today the stupidest religion.


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