Saturday, September 11, 2010

The CBC Reaches a New Low

OK it was bad enouygh back when the overnight Radio One programming was changed. What once made me a happy insomniac, the former programming, consisted of news shows from other countries' public broadcasters, and it was invariably good.
For a reason I still cannot fathom, the core of this has now been replaced by some fright of a show called 'The Link', produced by Radio Canada International; as such it is designed as a link to Canada for our expatriates. It makes NO sense to broadcast it to Canadians on Canadian soil.
Now last night was a classic insomniac fest for me, so I wound up listening to The Link yet again.
And what do they have as a key part of their show the night of September 10? They have an interview with a complete idiot named Barry Zwicker, evidently a prominent troofer. And of course he hauls out the usual hoary Building 7 'mystery', which has never been a mystery. He makes the usual claims that questions long answered have not been answered. He mistakes incompetence for malice, something very typical.
I'll give him some credit; he does point out the truth is a 'conspiracy theory'. Though he does not believe it is the truth; he prefers his fantasy nutball versions.
I love how the little jerk thinks that the results of polls are meaningful in terms of determining the truth. This lad is an utter loon.
This was not just bad programming, I found it thoroughly offensive. If I had lost a friend in the Towers, this would sicken me even more. If you have the stomach, this demonstration of bad faith starts at around 11 minutes here.


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