Thursday, September 09, 2010

Tell Us What You Really Think

He did not leave much out!
I'd add one thing only.

If the Muslim youth are not lured in the mosques, these Islamicist organizations have set up clubs in the universities in the guise of student unions, women's and advocacy and community groups. They organize large conventions and invite fiery speakers from abroad to lecture with multi-media shows.
Also, university departments of 'Muslim Studies' (about as useful as 'Women's Studies').
And he is spot on about what is wrong with the self-appointed 'community leaders' and any recognition of those creeps.
When police engage youth through their self-serving leadership, the youth have no option but to submit and accept their strict dictates. This is neither fair for the youth nor their families who are left with no choices. They are at the mercy of this Muslim "leadership" through whom to access government, community associations, advocacy groups, politicians and public institutions.
People are people, not members of 'communities', and all public policy mediated through the so-called 'communities' is profoundly unliberal, and as a result bad.
This guy may have to be dragged before a human rights commission:
The media should be suspicious of those who rationalize terrorism due to foreign policies, wars, conflicts or poverty and other causes. Such rationalization and arguments encourage the jihadis. Ottawa Imam Khaled Abdul Hamid Syed, in his recent interview in the Citizen with Don Butler, refers to the jihadis as "strong on emotion and lack of knowledge." But they are aware that their cause will get media exposure through sympathetic editors and columnists and their "friends" will come to their rescue anyway. They have nothing to lose.
And he is clearly caught up in values that are simply not Canadian:
Finally, we all need to practise the necessary patriotism to help our law enforcement agencies and make Canada safe and secure for all Canadians.
Patriotism?  Help law enforcement?  Omigod.

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