Thursday, September 09, 2010

What a Fool I am What an Addle-pated Fool!

When I was in Ottawa last month I was astonished to hear that Katie Melua was to be performing in Ottawa, and so I checked and found she would also be in Toronto.
So this morning I decided to find out where she was performing and see if I could get a ticket.
It was last night!  Grrr.
OK maybe in another couple of years when she has newer and I hope even better songs.
On the other hand one door closes, and Angus over at KPC has opened one for me.
And the guy is Canadian!  I had never heard of him; it takes someone in Oklahoma to wake me up!
"We are young we have years ahead maybe we might fall in love ... fall apart .... fall apart...before it ends well we should try to start"

And this one just makes me cry it is so sweet - "Are we cool now?"


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