Monday, September 13, 2010

Mad Men S04 E08

As Don turns reflective (somewhat tediously, to my mind) the women start an uprising!
"Joan is just handing out demerits." (Bye bye Joey.)
Don "I'm set." Ida - "And then you're not." (re the supply of CC in the office). As it turns out, Don is right this time.
Peggy fires Joey. Joan dresses Peggy down. Betty freaks out when she sees Don with Bethany, who is really a Betty Jr (note the name). Bethany attacks Don and tells him she has needs (to little useful effect). Dr. Faye REALLY dumps a boyfriend. Dr. Faye agrees to a date, on HER terms. Don does not remember women being so assertive.
Don to Dr. Faye - "I've been a little out of sorts." A little!
Best image of the week - Don studying Peggy drinking her CC as he thinks about his own drinking. Second favorite - Don emerging from the NYAC to have the '60s walk by him to the strains of 'Satisfaction'.
The writing continues to be rewarding; I loved the bookends of Don complaining early that he has never written more than 250 words, and later noting with Dr. Faye that Aesop's fables are short.
For those who do not watch the show, the amazingly rapidly appearing summaries by Tom and Lorenzo each week are a superb resource.


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