Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mad Men S4 E7 - continuing saga

I cannot stop watching this episode; it has so much that is so funny and so completely unlike the television I have watched for 45 years or so.
There is Don's unwillingness to call Stephanie and learn the news he knows he will get. It is heartbreaking and causes much other grief.
At the same time he knows exactly why he has Ida Blankenship as a secretary - "Joan
knew exactly what I needed and made sure that I got it."
The look on Pete's face as Peggy and Trudy emerge from the washroom was amazing too.
"I thought we could drop one off the Eiffel Tower and show how it doesn't break." "But it would, wouldn't it."
Is there a moment that is even slightly off in this whole episode? It is clearly written and conceived with such detail and care.
"Liston just goes about his business. Works methodically."
The most enjoyable bit was Peggy's finally brushing off her stupid boyfriend. "He's crestfallen, you know."
I love a lot of today's TV but I know of few instances where one wants to hear every line and figure out what it means. This is so rich.
Thanks, Matt Weiner, and that great cast.


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