Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Praise where Praise is Due - The Current

Regular readers know I can barely stand CBC's The Current most of the time.  No CBC show more completely reflects the sorry ideology of the journalists who work at that corporation, financed out of compulsory public funding, and thus a great believer in squeezing ordinary citizens for funding to listen to stuff they would not willingly pay for.  And pay for things they would not willingly pay for in general.
But yesterday, to my astonishment, I listened to it on the road for its whole duration and had barely a moment of frustration, despite all of Anna Maria Tremonti's "hmmmm"'s.  (If I thought it were interesting, I might one day do an analysis to try to figure out what these noises mean.)
It is worth listening to the show of Sept. 27.  It started with a half-hour on the jokingly named "Peace Process" that I found almost encouraging, except for the fact that the two excellent interlocutors, once involved in it, seem not to be today.  Still they encouraged me.  Then there was a great discussion of the godawful Balfour Declaration, tarred only, I thought, by an utter historical error by Tremonti (no surprise - she does it all the time), and some tendentiousness by the guy she was interviewing.  Still it was good.  And it finished with a half-hour that pretty much had me in tears, to the point of thinking of pulling off the highway.  The subject was a clearly wonderful Vancouver Afghani-Canadian woman who is back (she left as a child) in Afghanistan as a pop star and a sort of Oprah.  People like her are amazing! 
So to the producers of The Current, and even to Anna Maria Tremonti, thanks so much for managing an hour and a half with only a few seconds of stupidity!  I was astonished.  Maybe you can do it again sometime!
Readers should visit the link above and listen to the Sept. 27 show.  REALLY.  It was good.


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