Monday, October 11, 2010

Limitless Capacity for Self-Delusion

I reckoned without the limitless capacity for self-delusion of British academe.
Nick Cohen presents a depressing picture of something we also see in Canada, a left once again in love with totalitarians. What makes it depressing is that it even infects my own family.
The London Times found that one cleric who had lectured the UCL Islamic Society was on record as saying of the Jews (inevitably): "They're all the same. They've monopolised everything: the Holocaust, God, money, interest, usury, the world economy, the media, political institutions… they monopolised tyranny and oppression as well." Alongside the racism came the concomitant sexism, homophobia and hatred of the western world. Channel 4, for instance, had caught another visiting imam on camera saying that the testimony of women was worth half that of a man. As for gays, he added: "Do you practise homosexuality with men? Take that homosexual man and throw him off the mountain."
You might have thought that in light of the above, academics would have wanted to protect their students. In particular, they should have wanted to protect Muslim students from going the way of Abdulmutallab.
Well, YOU might have thought that, but I no longer can. The current academic left is shamelessly engaged with the monsters that are Islamists. And not just the academic left - recall that our NDP leader enthusiastically attended a George Galloway presentation a few years ago.
He described how a friend of his, "an eminent scientist", strolled in to take a look at an art exhibition organised by the UCL Islamic Society. "'Was he a believer?' asked an obviously Muslim student. 'No,' replied my friend, 'he didn't believe in any god, as it happened.' 'Then,' the young man confidently informed him, 'we shall have to execute you.' My friend laughed it off after lodging a mild complaint. It could, of course, have been Abdulmutallab who made the threat."
I am willing to bet that the laughter of the eminent scientist was of the tinny and nervous variety. I will wager further that equally tinny and nervous laughs are being heard on campuses across Britain.
Moral cowards and slime everwhere.


At 11:49 PM, Blogger Claude said...

What do you mean: moral cowards?
We're just very polite and accomodating. We're offering Islam the match to light the boomboom which will destroy us.

I'm not in the WE. But I'm not important and I'm not heard. Even when I scream...


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