Saturday, October 09, 2010

Reasons for the Blog Name - David Chen Version - documentation of nonsense

I will outsource this documentation of nonsense to Kelly McPartland.
For those of you not familiar with the case, here’s a capsule summary: Chen runs a small grocery store called the Lucky Moose Food Mart in Toronto’s Chinatown. In May 2009 a local thief, who had shoplifted some plants earlier in the day, returned to the store. Chen recognized him, gave chase, and — with some help — bundled him into the back of a van while police were called. Rather than thank him for his civic-mindedness, the cops charged Chen with assault and unlawful confinement while the thief got a reduced sentence after agreeing to testify against him.
The thief cuts a deal against the guy who, in my view, sensibly, trapped the prick.
As Kelly says:
Gee, Ontario justice system, we sure are impressed that you decided to enlist this guy to go after an honest shopkeeper who tried to stop the guy from stealing from him. Boy do we support the idea that David Chen should be made an example of, because otherwise honest people might think they had a right to protect themselves from people like Bennett. And we can’t have that.
This is not just silly; it is shameful. How did we get here?


At 1:13 AM, Blogger Claude said...

I'll tell you something else that's silly and shameful.

Since 1991, Canada is tolerating a political party, in the House of Commons, whose only interest is the protection of ONE province, and the promotion of its sovereignty. Le Bloc Québécois (the third largest federal party) is paid by all Canadians to establish the conditions necessary for the political secession of Québec from Canada. Not only those Péquistes get all the MPs'perks, but I think that, after two terms, they also get a pension if they're not re-elected, or retire from politics.

I'm wondering if there is another country in the world who is willing to participate so actively in its own possible destruction.

As a born Québécoise, and as a proud Canadian, I'm ashamed that this is allowed. I don't understand why the other provinces accept it.

At 2:03 PM, Blogger Naori said...

love the posts from above..

Canadian government love to think they are human right activists who love to think they support the small people. (minority groups)
But I fact they always choose the wrong side, make the wrong choices and do the most outrageous things.
They really don't look at themselves in the mirror to see how silly they are.
They don't know right from wrong, good from evil.
It's sad. And like the blog title says it's a "silly little country".


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