Thursday, October 21, 2010

Widener Law School - Utter Shame

Well that is what they should feel for their pretentious behavior.
The sorry thing is that Christine O'Donnell was right in her terms.
Ann Althouse explains what one ought to have done.
I've been studying law myself since 1978, and I still puzzle over things and try to work my way through problems. If a speaker at my school makes a statement that sounds outlandish to me — me with 32 years of studying law — I may display a puzzled expression or a smile, but I hear the person out and entertain the possibility that he has a point and that even if the point is wrong, I will have learned some new perspective on the ways of being wrong or how another human being's mind works. I try to create that atmosphere in the classroom.
What is the atmosphere at Widener? Is there no intellectual curiosity? No love of debate? No grasp of how complex constitutional law problems can be?
C'mon Anne - it's an elite university in the 21st century. The students and faculty already know everything.


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