Friday, October 22, 2010

A Wily Hunter - 1773 and Knowing your History

I like Neo-NeoCon's take on the recent blogosphere kerfuffle over prominent lefties making fun of Sarah Palin's "Party like it's 1773" comment. They of course simply proved what idiots they are by rushing forward on their clear assumption that Palin is more ignorant than they, a rather dubious assumption, and in fact one proven utterly wrong in this case.
For Palin’s critics, the significance of the year 1773 was just such an unknown unknown. The idea that Sarah Palin might be subtle enough to make a pun about “party” and “Tea Party” (not that it’s all that subtle, but they don’t even give her credit for that much wit), and that she also knows something about history that they don’t know, is simply incomprehensible to them. Therefore they fell into the trap.
Was it actually a deliberate .lure? There’s been a bit of speculation in the blogosphere that Palin may have made the reference as bait, knowing that it would be irresistible to some. And maybe she did; after all, she’s a wily hunter.
I think it is an interesting question whether she and her handlers set a trap here. After the dishonesty of some of the early interviews in the 2008 campaign from the media (Charles Gibson was shameful and Katie Couric hardly better) Palin seems to be rebuilding her stock and making it obvious how silly the Daily Kos is.


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