Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mad Men Season 4 Finale - Ken Cosgrove

Sis noticed this but I missed it big time the first couple of times I re-watched the episode.
Finally, Ken is a mensch -- giving credit to Peggy and doing so happily, and professing not only respect for his wife but an understanding that their relationship takes priority over work.
Ken, when, in the shadow of Don's marriage announcement, with Peggy, to announce the only decent business news for SCDP in months, defers to Peggy. It is lovely, and I am astonished to have missed it, especially having been pointed to it. I doubt Pete would have done such a thing.
It is one of the incredibly small and brilliant things the people who make this soap opera do that make it so much more than a standard soap opera.
However, this just makes me worry more for Cynthia. Especially with Pete's comment "Are you two getting married?" as Ken and Peggy enter Don's office. There would be no better way to stick the knife into Pete than take up with Ken.
On the other hand, I think I'd like to have a friend as Don does in Peggy.


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