Monday, October 11, 2010

Nobel Peace Prize

Rarely do I feel 'Hooray', with the typical anti-Americanism of picking the usual suspects. But Hooray!
h/y Tyler Cowen He cites and I simply repeat:
Protection of Private Property. We should establish and protect the right to private property and promote an economic system of free and fair markets. We should do away with government monopolies in commerce and industry and guarantee the freedom to start new enterprises. We should establish a Committee on State-Owned Property, reporting to the national legislature, that will monitor the transfer of state-owned enterprises to private ownership in a fair, competitive, and orderly manner. We should institute a land reform that promotes private ownership of land, guarantees the right to buy and sell land, and allows the true value of private property to be adequately reflected in the market.


At 11:20 PM, Blogger Claude said...

Very worried about Liu Xiabo, his wife and everyone who signed Charter 08. We can't protect them. And China is very angry.

We sent many letters, from everywhere, protesting. But we're not walking on the streets in China. China can ignore far away letters from strangers. But a Nobel Prize is very visible. And the dissidents are right there, easy to be picked up. I'm praying...


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