Monday, October 25, 2010

WMD and Today's The Current

Sometimes the producers of The Current should be simply embarrassed (my guess is most shows, but I listen only on the road so that means after they've had a whole weekend to construct their self-destruction).
This morning's was wonderfully egregious - it took them only 25 seconds; they did not even have to complete the ludicrous daily introduction by 'The Voice'. You can listen here (Part 1). (BTW - even after the first 25 seconds - stay - you won't have to listen to the incessant hmmming of Anna Maria Tremonti and the US lawyer's discussion of the strange position of the Khadr tribunal is interesting.)
Now I'm a member of the creative class (actually Richie says I am super-creative) so I've been reading Wired and I noticed this.
But chemical weapons, especially, did not vanish from the Iraqi battlefield. Remnants of Saddam’s toxic arsenal, largely destroyed after the Gulf War, remained. Jihadists, insurgents and foreign (possibly Iranian) agitators turned to these stockpiles during the Iraq conflict — and may have brewed up their own deadly agents.
In August 2004, for instance, American forces surreptitiously purchased what they believed to be containers of liquid sulfur mustard, a toxic “blister agent” used as a chemical weapon since World War I. The troops tested the liquid, and “reported two positive results for blister.” The chemical was then “triple-sealed and transported to a secure site” outside their base.
Three months later, in northern Iraq, U.S. scouts went to
look in on a “chemical weapons” complex. “One of the bunkers has been tampered with,” they write. “The integrity of the seal [around the complex] appears intact, but it seems someone is interesting in trying to get into the bunkers.”
OK just a few examples. There are more.
I guess CBC producers are not part of the creative class. Sorry, guys. I know you want to be.
Well, we can quibble over definitions, I suppose. But I bet you just did what CBS did too. At least the NY Post people know to check out other analyses.


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